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Keralavision Broadband Limited, is an initiative of independent Cable TV Operators in Kerala under the guidance of Cable Operators Association ( COA). COA is an umbrella union of local cable operators all over Kerala. It is a conglomeration of more than 4000 independent cable networks functioning all over Kerala; its main objective is to develop Cable TV Industry of Kerala by means of building wider networks, upgrading technology, finding new avenues of activity etc apart from addressing various issues and challenges before the industry for and on behalf of its members.

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Get Fastest Internet Connection With Kerala Vision!

Yes! we have the largest optic fiber connectivity in Kerala. We have more than 3000 broadband operators in Kerala and have very high network veins even in remote locations. We are expanding our network connectivity further to reach to more customers. We are already near you or will be in short time. Our rates are the best in the industry. Click below to talk to your nearest operator.


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